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Giving faqs

To whom do I write my check?

University of the Southern Caribbean (Endowment Fund)

Where do I send my check?

Office of Financial Administration
University of the Southern Caribbean
P. O. Box 175
Port of Spain
Trinidad, W. I.

How do I make a gift in honor or memory of someone?

Memorial gifts offer donors a special means of honoring the memory of a loved one, while honorary gifts provide tributes to deserving individuals while they are alive.  We are happy to acknowledge gifts made in honor or in memory of individuals.  If you send us a name and address we’d be happy to send an acknowledgement of the gift to the family.  No mention of the dollar amount of the gift will be made.

How do I direct my gift to a university, department, or program of my choice?

Contact our Planned Giving Department. (868) 662 2241 ext. 436 or 438

Is my gift tax-deductible?

Yes, to the extent allowable by law.  You must claim the gift as an itemized deduction on your tax return.

The University of the Southern Caribbean Endowment Fund is a nonprofit organization that is structurally separate from the University of the Southern Caribbean and exists solely for the University of the Southern Caribbean benefits, serving as the preferred channel for private gifts to all areas of the university.

What regions can get a tax-deductible donation receipt? 

United States - Alumni and friends giving from the USA can request documentation for allowable tax-deductible donations.

The United Kingdom & Canada - Alumni and friends giving from Canada and the UK request charitable tax receipts for eligible donations.

Caribbean countries - If gifts to an Academic institution are applicable in your country, please let us know your request for a receipt.

Will I get a receipt for tax purposes?

Yes. Arrangements have been made to make sure that you get a tax credit for your contributions, whether you are in the Caribbean or in the U. S. Territories.

All overseas donors should consult their local solicitor/lawyer in order to ensure that their giving to USC is properly advised, receipted and accounted for, according to their respective laws.

Who will oversee my endowment in support of the University of the Southern Caribbean?

The University of the Southern Caribbean Planned Giving Department and its Investments Advisory Committee are responsible for endowment oversight.

How are endowment investments managed at the University of the Southern Caribbean?

Endowments are invested by the University of the Southern Caribbean according to the asset allocation policy of the Caribbean Union Investment Committee.

The University strives to preserve both the corpus and the spending power of the endowments. Asset allocation is the cornerstone of the endowment’s investment policy and a key responsibility of the Investments Advisory Committee of the Planned Giving Department. The strategic asset allocation policy should set the course for endowment investing for many years to come.

The overall investment objective is to earn a total net return equal to the sum of inflation plus the spending rate.