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Student life

The social environment of the USC is intended to foster the development of healthy relationships and to develop good social skills in formal and informal situations while encouraging Christian attitudes and behaviour.

Student development

The office of Student Development coordinates the social programmes on the campus. Students are invited to participate in all campus activities. This helps to develop balance and increase communication with each other.

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Community outreach

As a Christian institution, the University is committed to making contributions to the community and participating in various programmes to enhance our communities. Students are encouraged to participate in these programs when they are offered.

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Student recreation

On the campus, there are areas designated for recreational, fitness and sports activities including the "slab", lawn tennis court, football playing field and the USC Fitness Lab.

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Student lounge

The student lounge is your space to relax or connect with others. Activities prohibited in the Student Handbook, such as card playing and any form of gambling,  are not allowed. The use of the lounge is for the positive development of the student body.

Field trips and tours

Departments may conduct tours as part of academic work. Outside of approved field trips, students are encouraged to enjoy some of our major attraction sites throughout Trinidad and Tobago.

Student employment

University students are encouraged to obtain part-time employment at University industries, services, or departments in order to help pay for their school expenses. If interested in employment, please speak to your school office for options and rules.

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Students have the option of two wireless networks across the campus. Guests can also have connected services and Eduroam is available on the campus.

Living in Trinidad

The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, the home of our main campus is known as a country of rich flora and fauna. There is much to see and explore. As with any country to explore, we urge all to do so safely.

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Banking & finance

Students needing to set up a savings facility in Trinidad and Tobago can get more information here. Savings institutions are mainly banks and credit union.

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International Student Week

The celebration of our diverse campus reaches an annual highpoint at International Students’ Week (ISW) where our cosmopolitan student population showcase the cultures of the countries represented at USC.