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Capital funding

The University of the Southern Caribbean envisions that throughout the period 2016 to 2021, a series of major development projects will be initiated and implemented that will not only provide substantial financial capabilities for the university, but also raise its profile as a tertiary educational institution where education is matched with practical training and exposure for students. With this in mind, the Office of Development & Planning presents six (6) newly developed projects to be run under the auspices of specific Schools within the university, as follows:

School of Education and Human Sciences

Male Academy for Teacher Education (MATE)
This is a project designed to attract more males into the teaching fraternity. It has been hailed as an innovative concept by the Minister of Education, Trinidad & Tobago Government, and has been submitted for consideration for external funding.

School of Behavioral Sciences NEXUS Generation 2000 - a Youth Development Project
This is a project designed to attract youths on the margins of society; and provide for them a program of citizenship and self-development that is envisioned would lead them to lead more productive lives in their respective communities. This has also been submitted for external funding.

School of Business

Small Business Incubator Project (PUSH)
This project seeks to provide business support for would-be entrepreneurs, from the idea generation phase right through to the business launch phases. It also provides students with the very practical opportunity to work along with entrepreneurs in a controlled environment to develop business proposals into successfully launched business enterprises. This has been submitted for external funding.

School of Humanities

Institute of Language Education (ILE)
This project seeks to follow the National 2020 Agenda, as laid out by the Government of Trinidad & Tobago. Additionally, it utilizes the multi-lingual capacity of USC through its international and regional affiliates in designing and implementing this language education program. This has been submitted for external funding.

School of Natural Sciences

Waste Reduction & Recycling Management
This project goes at the heart of USC’s community-focus in that it attempts to make a difference in the everyday lives of its local communities, in the area of waste management. This initiative has been lauded by many as a very appropriate and timely one, and has been submitted for external funding.

School of Education

Early Childhood Care and Research Centre (ECCRC)
This project is central to the philosophy of education, as espoused by the main stakeholders and sponsors of the University of the Southern Caribbean. It seeks to provide education and training from the inception stages of the child, and thus impact positively on the future generation being developed. The project is consistent with the Government’s thrust and focus on life-time education and development: from the cradle to the grave’ concept.

International Collaboration

USC is poised to develop its international links with many of its sister institutions regionally and internationally. These initiatives are also the domain of the Office of Development & Planning to engender. Plans are afoot to engage in collaborative ventures, some of which are as follows:

Collaborative ventures – Overseas

  • UNISA University, Sao Paulo, Brazil Loma Linda University Hospital, CA, USA Florida University Hospital, FL, USA
  • Montemorelos University (Business Enterprise), Mexico
  • Collaborative ventures - National Government of Trinidad & Tobago
  • Ministry of Trade & Industry
  • Ministry of Social Development
  • Ministry of Public Utilities & Environment
  • Ministry of Education
  • Ministry of Tertiary Education & Training
  • Ministry of Sports & Youth Affairs
  • Grants, International Donor strategies European Development Fund (EDF)
  • Canadian International Development Assistance program (CIDA)
  • United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) Foundations (USA, UK, EU)

Strategic Plans: Priority Projects

The Office of Development & Planning in collaboration with the Office of the President, have agreed on what may be deemed as the priority projects for the strategic planning period. These include:

Housing Projects:

  • Male & Female Student Dormitorie
  • Student Housing Unit

Faculty Housing Units

  • School Building Projects:
  • School of Business

Other Schools ( in specified order )

Special Projects:

  • USC Church
  • USC Industrial Park
  • Institute of Language Education
  • USC Alumni Stadium