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Fees & funding

Financial planning for your education is of great importance. To help prospective and current students you'll find in this section, tuition and fees, information on financial aid options and all matters regarding student finance.

Programme fees

Undergraduate tuition fees and graduate tuition fees schedules provided as pdf documents.

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GATE information

The GATE Programme provides financial assistance to citizens of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, pursuing programmes at the USC.

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Student Finance office

This office attends to all student financial transactions from financial registration, graduation, financial clearance for diploma and transcript requests.

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Work/study scholarship

The student work/study scholarship programme aims to create opportunities for students to engage in meaningful work across the University.

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Grants & scholarships

Several grants and scholarships are available to help you meet the cost of study. See what's available.

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Payment plans

Payment plans are available to students. Choose from our flexible plans to cover your annual academic costs.

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Banking & payments details

Information on our local bankers and notes for students regarding cash and other payments.

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Wire transfer information

Those wishing to make payments via wire transfer can do so using the information provided.

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Student finance information

Get information regarding other fees and general student finance information. Full cost schedule and other financial information provided here.

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