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Language Centre

Today's world is a multilingual one; among the benefits of speaking another language is to communicate with others and change the world. Our language Centre provides a number of programmes you can study.


At The Language Centre, our mission is to promote experiential learning within a nurturing, Christian environment where learners attain the language competencies necessary to remain relevant in an evolving world.


Our vision is to be the nucleus of a multilingual university where Christ is reflected in our practice, and learning is a way of life.


Introduce products and services which support language learning and expose learners to the cultures of countries which speak their target language.  This includes proficiency courses in English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese, language phrase books and workbooks, conversation clubs, cultural experiences and multinational cuisine.

Train university faculty and staff in key areas so that students can interact in more than one language when conducting routine student business.

Update signs on campus to reflect a multilingual university population.

Facilitate tours and study-abroad opportunities for learners to experience life in their target language.

How to start

 At this moment please contact the centre directly.

Office contact information

Phone :1- (868) 662-2241/2 Ext. 1525, 1527
Fax: (868) 645-9866