M.S in National Security and Intelligence Studies*

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This program is targeted to meet the professional needs of persons engaged in intelligence, security, police management, forensic and cyber-crime investigations. Courses will be delivered by highly qualified instructors and will be conducted in seminar-style, using problem-based teaching approaches.

Campuses : Main campus
Total programme credits : 42
Programme duration: 2 years
Programme delivery:
G.A.T.E status : Not GATE Approved


Bachelor’s degree with a B+ average or Upper Second Class honors or an equivalent GPA


NSIS521 Seminar in Security Studies 3
NSIS531 Seminar in Intelligence Studies 3
NSIS561 Research Methodology I 3
NSIS562 Research Methodology II 2
NSIS522 National and Regional Security 3
NSIS532 Intelligence Operations and Intelligence Organizations 3
NSIS541 Seminar in Terrorism and Political Violence 3
NSIS551 Seminar in Protecting Critical Infrastructure-Policies & Processes 3
NSIS571 Spanish Workshop I 1
NSIS671 Spanish Workshop II (Reading and Translation) 1
NSIS572 Distinguished Seminar I (Topics in National Security &
Intelligence Studies) 1
NSIS672 Distinguished Seminar II (Topics in National Security &
Intelligence Studies) 1
NSIS695 Master’s Thesis 6

National and International Security

NSIS623 International Security in a Changing World 3
NSIS624 National Security and Intelligence Challenges 3
NSIS625 Current Security Issues in the Caribbean 3

Intelligence Analysis and Management

NSIS633 Improving Intelligence Analysis through Critical Thinking 3
NSIS662 Structured Analytic Techniques and Case 3
NSIS663 Intelligence Analysis and National Security 3

Terrorism and Counterterrorism Studies

NSIS642 Seminar in the History of Ancient and Modern Terrorism 3
NSIS643 Suicide and Religious Terrorism 3
NSIS644 Counterterrorism Strategies and Policy 3