M.A in Educational Psychology

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A sample of courses required for the M.A in Educational Psychology is presented below. A total of 36 credit hours are required for successful completion of this programme.

Campuses : Main campus
Total programme credits : 36
Programme duration: 2 years
Programme delivery:
G.A.T.E status : Not GATE Approved


A bachelor's degree from an accredited university or its equivalent

Additional requirements

Cumulative undergraduate GPA at least 2.67 on a 4.0 scale.


EDCI 663 Advanced Graduate Writing

EDFN 554 Philosophical Foundation of Education

EDPC 544 Educational & Psychological Measurement

EDRM 505 Research Methods in Education & Psychology

EDRM 611 Applied Statistics in Education & Psychology

EDPC 514 Psychology of Learning

EDPC 635 Theories & Techniques of Counselling

EDPC 520 Psychological Development – Life Span

Special Education Emphasis

EDPC 525 Psychology & Education of Exceptional Children

EDPC 540 Behavioural & Emotional Problems of Children

EDPC 555 Assessment & Evaluation in Special Education

EDPC 699 Thesis /Research Project

Psycho-Educational Assessment Emphasis

EDPC 590 Behavioural & Emotional Assessment

EDPC 595 Personality, Interest and Aptitude Assessment

EDPC 600 Cognitive Assessment

EDPC 699 Thesis /Research Project

School Counselling Emphasis

EDPC 545 Administration of the School Counselling Programme

EDPC 554: Career Development

EDPC 565 Managing Social Issues in School Counselling

EDPC 699 Thesis /Research Project