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The Bachelor of Arts in Religion programme is taken by those desiring a baccalaureate degree in religion for teaching and other purposes. This includes secondary school Bible teachers, liberal arts majors, etc. It is also designed for those desiring a second emphasis. A student of Religion will be prepared with the basic skills to do the Bible work within the Caribbean context. This course involves most of the coursework offered in the BA, Theology with the exception of biblical languages. Degree Requirments General Education Requirements - 41 credits Courses required for the Religion Core - 57 credits Courses required for the Electives - 11 credits Minor - 21 credits TOTAL 130 A sample of courses to be taken in this programme can be found below

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Credits required for programme completion : 130
Length of programme : 4 years

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  • RELB110: Biblical Backgrounds
    A study of the archaeological, cultural, geographical, and historical backgrounds of the Old and New Testaments, with special emphasis on the period of beginnings and the patriarchal period.
  • RELB115: Hermeneutics
    An introduction to the presuppositions beneath various interpretive approaches to the biblical text, and application of the principles of interpretation to texts representing the various genres of the Old andNew Testament.
  • RELB210: Jesus in His Time and Ours
    Prerequisite: RELT100 Details the mission, the message and the significance of Jesus Christ for His day and ours. What is it about the Christian story that captured the attention of so much of the world’s history? Also examines the connection between Christ’s First Advent and His Second Advent.
  • RELB214: Law and Writings of the Old Testament
    An introduction to the Pentateuch and the “Writings”.
  • RELB335: Acts and Epistles
    Prerequisites: BIBL311, BIBL312 A brief introduction to principles of New Testament interpretation; a study of Acts, the Pauline Epistles, Hebrews, and the General Epistles. Research paper may be required.
  • RELB406: Studies in Daniel and Revelation
    A study of the background, content, and construction of these biblical books, with emphasis on the interpretation of prophecy, apocalyptic imagery and symbols. Research paper may be required.
  • RELB476 Prophets of Israel
    Prerequisites: BIBL321, BIBL322, BIBL427 Includes the history of prophecy, the pre-writing prophetic figures, and the books of the writing prophets. Research paper required.
  • RELT100: God and Human Life
    The study of how God confronts human beings – includes the process of Revelation, principles of interpreting Scripture and similarly inspired material, the nature of God and His expectations for humans, and the evaluation of these concepts as presented in Scripture and the classic literature of various religions.
  • RELT225: Doctrines of the Adventist Faith
    Prerequisite: RELT100 Defines and clarifies the biblical doctrines of the Seventh-day Adventist faith, distinguishing them within the background of the Judeo-Christian tradition.
  • RELT250: Personal Spirituality and Faith
    Prerequisite: RELT100 A study of the biblical perspectives on the act of faith and the life of faith. How does a person begin and nurture one’s own personal spiritual and devotional life? Also studies the meaning of spiritual nurture in various lifestyles and work settings. Personal spiritual growth is fostered through involvement in organized church activities and/or witnessing outreach.
  • RELT308: The Gift of Prophecy
    The study of the prophetic manifestation in Bible and church. Not applicable to the theology concentration or a Religion emphasis. A student cannot earn credits in both RELT308 and RELT426.
  • RELT326: Advanced Theology
    A systematic theological survey of the major doctrines of the Christian Church, from the doctrine of God to eschatology, as a means of establishing a sound basis for the Christian world view, and for intelligent faith.
  • RELT340 Religion and Ethics in Modern Society
    Considers how the Judeo-Christian tradition confronts the moral complexities of a highly technical society. Are there universal absolutes that cut across all cultural boundaries, or are all values relative? Designed to help students articulate what molded their value system, and what should help to shape it.
  • RELT400: Theology Seminar
    Prerequisite: RELT326 Designed for the senior theology major as a means to address current issues and doctrines in the Seventhday Adventist Church.
  • RELT426: Ministry and Messages of Ellen G. White
    A study of the ministry and the writings of Ellen G. White. A student cannot earn credits in both RELT308 and RELT426.
  • RELM370: World Religions
    A study of the historical origins, cultural roots, and essential contents of the major non-Christian religions and selected cults of mankind, against the background of Christian faith and gospel commission.
  • RELP230: Christian Witnessing
    Provides an acquaintance with the dynamics of Christian Witnessing in the neighborhood, at work, and in the friend-to-friend approach of personal Bible study. Christ’s example of witnessing is highlighted. Includes participation in crusades or other forms of field work.
  • RELP331: Homiletics I - Introduction to Preaching
    Lays the foundation for biblical sermon construction and delivery.
  • RELP332 Homiletics II - Biblical Preaching
    Prerequisite: RELP331 Addresses the crucial nature of expository preaching, stressing proper principles of interpreting and applying the text to practical life.
  • RELP333: Homiletics III - Advanced Biblical Preaching
    Prerequisite: RELP332 Explores further methods of expository preaching such as narrative, inductive method, and examining great themes of the Scriptures.
  • RELP375: Church Finance and Stewardship
    Prerequisites: RELP331, RELP323 This course deals with the theological and practical implications of Christian commitment, as it relates to church support in all areas. Consideration is given to church and family finance, budgeting, and its relation to the church’s mission.
  • RELP407: Public Evangelism
    Prerequisites: RELP331, RELP332, RELP333, RELP334 Offered off-campus in connection with evangelism programmes. Observation and participation in the practical setting for instruction in evangelistic methods and procedures. A proposal must be submitted prior to the field experience.
  • RELP440: Introduction to Pastoral Ministry and 3 Leadership
    A study of good church administration and the principles of leadership as applied to pastoral ministry. It combines pastoral leadership with church management.

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<h3>Regular Admission</h3> <ul> <li>Five (5) CXC or O'level passes </li> <li>Or three (3) CXC or O'level passes & Two (2) A'level passes </li> </ul> <h3>Adult Admission </h3> <ul> <li>Three (3) CXC or O'level passes* </li> </ul>

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