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A.S in Computer Information Systems

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A sample of courses required for the A.S in Computer Information Systems is presented below. A total of 63 credit hours are required for successful completion of this programme.

Location(s) :
Credits required for programme completion : 128
Length of programme : 4 years

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GATE status : GATE Approved

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  • CPTR120: Introduction to Computer Programming
    Introduction to Computer Programming discusses the history, architecture and function of computer hardware and software including networks, data and instruction representation and data organisation. The course introduces problem solving methods and algorithm design using the logic control structures of sequence, selection and iteration and is also an introduction to application development using a selected programming language. It also introduces the student to problem solving, algorithm development and documentation techniques, the concepts of structured programming and design correctness, data types, control structures, arrays and functions.
  • CPTR150: Computer Science I
    Prerequisites: CPTR120, MATH182 CPTR150 expands on the concepts of CPTR120 and introduces the student to exception handling and object oriented design and programming using C++.
  • CPTR251: Computer Science II
    Prerequisite: CPTR150 Co-requisite: MATH355 CPTR251 is a continuation of CPTR150/CPTR157. This course further examines the concept of object-oriented design and programming and its application to the development of data structures such as linked lists, stacks, queues, trees and graphs. Other concepts covered include recursion, searching and sorting algorithms.
  • CPTR270: Computer Organisation and Assembler
    Prerequisites: CPTR150, CPTR170 CPTR270 is an introduction to the study of computer architecture, interrupt schemes, system software and operating systems. Students learn assembly language programming using a macro-assembler.
  • CPTR282: Operating Systems I
    Prerequisites: CPTR251, CPTR270 CPTR282 provides a broad introduction to operating systems and describes the fundamental concepts behind their structure, operation, design and interactions with various classes of users.
  • CPTR331: Web Development
    Prerequisite: CPTR150 CPTR331is an introduction to web technology, including the design, construction and management of websites. Students learn to use modern techniques such as XHTML, XML, CSS and JavaScript and master web development software applications such as Macromedia and Corel suites.

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