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B.A in Theology

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The Theology programme is designed for persons planning to enter the gospel ministry. The student will be accepted on a conditional basis, being required to demonstrate by scholastic performance and personal conduct, his/her aptitude and calling. An evaluation of the student by members of the theology faculty at the end of each school year determines the student’s continuance in the programme. A final exit interview at the end of the student’s programme will be conducted to determine the student’s fitness for employment into the gospel ministry. The following emphases are available for the B.A in Theology along with optional minors o Emphasis: Pastoral Ministry o Emphasis: Youth Ministry o Emphasis: Mission Ministry Minors: o Health o Religion o Biblical Languages Below are a sample of courses to be taken in the B.A in Theology programme

  • Credits required for programme completion
  • Length of programme
    4 years
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  • BIBL211: Beginning Greek I
    Covers elements of grammar and syntax of the koine Greek of the New Testament, including vocabulary, translation, and reading from the First Epistle of John and the Gospel of John. Weekly lab required.

  • BIBL321: Hebrew I
    Covers fundamentals of Biblical Hebrew, including a practical vocabulary, an understanding of the grammatical structure of the language, and practice in translation. Provides ministers with a practical study tool.

  • RELB115: Hermeneutics
    An introduction to the presuppositions beneath various interpretive approaches to the biblical text, and application of the principles of interpretation to texts representing the various genres of the Old and New Testament.

  • RELP435: Pastoral Counselling
    A survey of current counseling theories and instructions in the effective use of those approaches, whose basic principles and methodologies are consistent with sound biblical theology, and thus applicable to pastoral ministry, for counseling in the various areas of human need and problems.

  • RELH316: History of the Christian Church I
    Surveys the internal and external developments and conflicts that Christianity has experienced in time and space, from the time of Christ up to the Reformation. Special attention is given to those developments that relate to Seventh-day Adventist theological heritage. It aims to enable the student to develop a broader historical perspective and to see the outworking of the great controversy through the centuries, especially as it relates to issues the Church faces today.

Regular Admission

  • Five (5) CXC or O'level passes 
  • Or three (3) CXC or O'level passes & Two (2) A'level passes 

Adult Admission 

  • Three (3) CXC or O'level passes* 

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