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The Bachelor of Science Degree in Social Studies intends to provide students with a variety of approaches to the study of Social Studies, as well as a familiarity with differing interpretations of social problems. Its aim is to help students towards an understanding of the development over time of social, political and cultural values. It facilitates students in their quest to know their own Caribbean society, and understand its relationship not only with the past, but also with other cultures. A sample of courses to be taken as part of this programme can be found below.

  • Credits required for programme completion
  • Length of programme
    4 years
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  • HIST104: World Civilizations I
    This course is a survey of the development of major world civilizations including those in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, to1500 C.E.

  • HIST150: Foundations of the Caribbean World and the Americas
    This course seeks to examine the various factors, which propelled the age of discovery in Europe and the ensuing clash between the indigenous peoples and the Europeans. Additionally, investigation of the lifestyles of Caribbean ancestors as well as the native people of continental America will be a primary focus of this course.

  • HIST168: Latin American History since 1810
    This course covers the political, economic and social developments in Latin America from the time of the Revolutionary wars. It also deals with the impact of foreign powers on Latin American states.

  • HIST368: Caribbean History since 1838
    This course is a thorough examination of the major political, economic and social developments in the post-slavery era to the present.

  • HIST425: Nationalism and World Wars,1914 – Present
    An inquiry into the re-emergence of imperialism, the intensification of nationalism, the Great War, the Russian Revolution, totalitarian regimes, and the Second World War. The course also explores the Cold War period, Western European integration, and the establishment of the Soviet Bloc in Eastern Europe.

  • GEOG125: Introduction to Regional Geography
    This course gives a regional analysis of mankind in his environment in selected countries of the world. It deals with the Americas and Oceania. The course also applies toward the general education requirement in the social sciences.

Regular Admission

Five (5) CXC or O'level passes

Or three (3) CXC or O'level passes & Two (2) A'level passes 

Adult Admission 

Three (3) CXC or O'level passes* 

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