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The Bachelor of Arts in Religion programme is taken by those desiring a baccalaureate degree in religion for teaching and other purposes. This includes secondary school Bible teachers, liberal arts majors, etc. It is also designed for those desiring a second emphasis. A student of Religion will be prepared with the basic skills to do the Bible work within the Caribbean context. This course involves most of the coursework offered in the BA, Theology with the exception of biblical languages. Degree Requirments General Education Requirements - 41 credits Courses required for the Religion Core - 57 credits Courses required for the Electives - 11 credits Minor - 21 credits TOTAL 130 A sample of courses to be taken in this programme can be found below

  • Credits required for programme completion
  • Length of programme
    4 years
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  • RELT250: Personal Spirituality and Faith
    A study of the biblical perspectives on the act of faith and the life of faith. How does a person begin and nurture one’s own personal spiritual and devotional life? Also studies the meaning of spiritual nurture in various lifestyles and work settings. Personal spiritual growth is fostered through involvement in organized church activities and/or witnessing outreach.

  • RELM370: World Religions
    A study of the historical origins, cultural roots, and essential contents of the major non-Christian religions and selected cults of mankind, against the background of Christian faith and gospel commission.

  • RELB110: Biblical Backgrounds
    A study of the archaeological, cultural, geographical, and historical backgrounds of the Old and New Testaments, with special emphasis on the period of beginnings and the patriarchal period.

  • RELB115: Hermeneutics
    An introduction to the presuppositions beneath various interpretive approaches to the biblical text, and application of the principles of interpretation to texts representing the various genres of the Old and New Testament.

Regular Admission

  • Five (5) CXC or O'level passes 
  • Or three (3) CXC or O'level passes & Two (2) A'level passes 

Adult Admission 

  • Three (3) CXC or O'level passes* 

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