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B.S in Psychology

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The Bachelor of Science in Psychology allows students to acquire a specialized knowledge base about behaviors while at the same time developing attitudes and motivations, consistent with sciences of psychology. A sample of courses required for the B.S in Psychology is presented below. A total of 128 credit hours are required for successful completion of this programme.

  • Credits required for programme completion
  • Length of programme
    4 years
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  • PSYC220 Human Development: Lifespan 3
    A study of human growth and development, from conception through late adulthood. This course explores growth and development in the following areas: physical, social, intellectual, psychological and moral. It takes the life-span approach, looking at developmental changes throughout the life of the individual. Emphasis is placed on the theoretical bases upon which the study of human beings is founded, and on the impact of both biological inheritance and environment on human growth and development.

  • PSYC410: Introduction to Counselling and Psychotherapy
    An introduction to the major theoretical models and concepts for counseling and psychotherapy. Concepts such as the philosophical assumptions, the therapeutic process, and the client/therapist relationship are discussed.

  • PSYC442: Human Sexuality
    A study of the multiple aspects of sexuality within a framework of Christian values.

  • PSYC460: Psychology of Abnormal Behaviour
    A study of deviant human behaviour and theories of causation and remediation.

  • PSYC449: Psychopharmacology
    Examination of current psychotropic drugs, how they affect human perception and behaviour, and how they are used in clinical evaluation.

  • PSYC490: Forensic Psychology
    The application of psychological knowledge to the study of crime and criminal justice.

Regular Admission

Five (5) CXC or O'level passes

Or three (3) CXC or O'level passes & Two (2) A'level passes 

Adult Admission 

Three (3) CXC or O'level passes* 

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