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A.S in Premedical Studies

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A sample of courses required for the A.S in Premedical Studies is presented below. A total of 81 credit hours are required for successful completion of this programme.

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  • BIOL111: Anatomy and Physiology I
    This course deals with the study of cell biology, functional anatomy and control of each organ system of the human being. This course is required for Nursing and Allied Health Majors but can also be taken to satisfy the general education science requirement for non-science majors. Weekly: three lectures and one 3-hour lab.

  • BIOL348: General Ecology
    General ecology is a study of the ecology principles as applied to individuals, populations, communities, and ecosystems’ levels of organisation. Labs feature the characterization of ecological systems using standard field and lab techniques. Weekly: two lectures and one 3-hour lab.

  • ZOOL316: Human Embryology
    Acquaints students with the process of human development and embryology. Weekly: two lectures.

  • BOT468: Marine Botany
    Marine botany is a systematic study and survey of marine plants, with emphasis on tropical marine species. This course includes a special project, the details of which are determined through consultation with the Course Lecturer. Weekly: three lectures and one 3-hour lab.