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B.S in Nursing

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A sample of courses required for the B.S in Nursing is presented below. A total of 137.5 credit hours are required for successful completion of this programme.

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  • NURS433: Learning Theories in Education
    This course seeks to build on the content learnt in this undergraduate AS-BS nursing program in the development of the nurse as an educator in both the classroom and clinical settings. By preparing the student for the role of nurse educator, complex theories and concepts in nursing education will be explored. It will look at the history of education in nursing, curriculum design, learning theories, resources, and a look at how nursing education programs can be taught within an accredited environment.

  • NURS165: Math for Medicines
    In this course, after a review of relevant basic arithmetic, the student will use concepts of higher mathematics to gain knowledge of measurement systems, including apothecary and metric, and techniques, including solving for an unknown, for computing medication dosages, I.V. flow rates, and weight related dosages for children and adults.

  • NFAC100: Nursing First Aid
    Nursing First Aid enables the students to examine their role as a first aider, providing essential information on how to deal with emergencies. It also covers the steps involved in assessing and treating casualties. Opportunity will also be given to practice relevant techniques and skills.

  • NURS104: Introduction to Nursing Research
    Introduction to Nursing Research introduces and aids nursing students to appreciate the use of scientific methodologies in the management of health care. It covers literature review and data collection, presentation and analysis

  • NURS422: Teaching in the Clinical Setting
    Teaching in the Clinical Setting introduces the student to the principles of teaching, supervising and assessing in the clinical setting. It will enhance knowledge and improve skills in the fundamental aspects of teaching and assessing.

  • NUGM260: General Microbiology – Nursing Application
    General Microbiology – Nursing Application is designed to provide nurses with the fundamental concepts of general microbiology. The course focuses on the acquisition of specific immunity and immune disorders, infection control and methods of transmission.