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B.S in Behavioral Sciences

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A sample of courses required for the B.S in Behavioural Sciences is presented below. A total of 128 credit hours are required for successful completion of this programme.

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  • BHSC220: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Contemporary Social Issues
    Issues to be discussed may include drug abuse, the family, crime/violence and punishment, AIDS, poverty, and healthcare. Integrates foundational social science with a Christian perspective to help students understand the origins of current societal issues and strategies for addressing those issues.

  • BHSC325: Foundations of Guidance Services 3
    This course introduces students to guidance and counseling and allows them to plan, deliver and manage a comprehensive programme of guidance and counseling within the context of the culture and needs of the school or institution.

  • PSYC210: Introduction to Health Psychology
    Study of causes of the rise of health psychology, interrelationships between psychology and health-related disciplines, models of disease and health care, interrelationships between stressful life events, social support, and wellness, illness behavior, psychology of addictive behavioral health.

  • PSYC319: Stress Management
    An introduction to stress along with signs and symptoms of stress and identification of stressors in a person’s life. Students learn how to increase stress tolerance and implement change.

  • PSYC350: Emotional Intelligence
    Emotional intelligence consists of specific skills, behaviors, and attitudes that can be learned, applied and modeled to improve personal satisfaction, 187 achievement and career effectiveness.