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B.S in Behavioral Sciences

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The Bachelor of Science in Behavioral Sciences offers a wide variety of courses, giving students the opportunity to understand the factors that influence behaviors. These include factors in social, family or psychological settings and their impact on human behavior and how these behaviors in turn affect society. A sample of courses required for the B.S in Behavioral Sciences is presented below. A total of 128 credit hours are required for successful completion of this programme.

  • Credits required for programme completion
  • Length of programme
    4 years
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  • BHSC220: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Contemporary Social Issues
    Issues to be discussed may include drug abuse, the family, crime/violence and punishment, AIDS, poverty, and healthcare. Integrates foundational social science with a Christian perspective to help students understand the origins of current societal issues and strategies for addressing those issues.

  • BHSC325: Foundations of Guidance Services 3
    This course introduces students to guidance and counseling and allows them to plan, deliver and manage a comprehensive programme of guidance and counseling within the context of the culture and needs of the school or institution.

  • PSYC210: Introduction to Health Psychology
    Study of causes of the rise of health psychology, interrelationships between psychology and health-related disciplines, models of disease and health care, interrelationships between stressful life events, social support, and wellness, illness behavior, psychology of addictive behavioral health.

  • PSYC319: Stress Management
    An introduction to stress along with signs and symptoms of stress and identification of stressors in a person’s life. Students learn how to increase stress tolerance and implement change.

  • PSYC350: Emotional Intelligence
    Emotional intelligence consists of specific skills, behaviors, and attitudes that can be learned, applied and modeled to improve personal satisfaction, 187 achievement and career effectiveness.

Regular Admission

Five (5) CXC or O'level passes

Or three (3) CXC or O'level passes & Two (2) A'level passes 

Adult Admission 

Three (3) CXC or O'level passes* 

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